cold colours, warm weather

Skirt, Sandals, Top - Topshop. Sunglasses, Knit Top, Lace Dress - H&M

Last weekend I had my big national cheerleading competition, which consisted of lots of waiting around Birmingham. What better way to kill time than a few hours shopping..

I literally could not resist any of these items. The blue chiffon skirt is one that I've had my eye on for ages so snapped it up quickly. I then spotted these sandals, and gave them a try, only to find that by some miracle my feet don't look revolting like they usually do in sandals.

The mint coloured silk top is my favourite of the items, with the cut-out back and the colour that really shouldn't work on me but for some reason does..

The H&M lace dress made me feel like I was in a SS11 D&G campaign, what girl wouldn't want to feel like that? And the knit top and sunnies are just some stylish basics.

Know can someone please put a lock on my purse please?

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  1. Oh my - These items look gorgeous! I got some sandals just like that from Primark! Might not last as long mind..! Cant wait to see them again!

  2. Cute outfit! thanks for the comment also! I'd love to know where you got the claw necklace from - i'm obsessed, but it would be good to find a more econimical alternative lol xx Kirsten


  3. i love the idea of cold colours for summer!

    i like your blog too :)

    about the comment you made about my next hairstyle.. thanks a lot. i do want it long again though. and i'm going to go for all over dark brown or light brown and strawberry blonde :)

    if you like my blog, follow me please


    *now following you* xx

  4. I am loving your finds too!!

    The sandals and the mint green top are love. :)

    The Cat Hag