newly purchased

Jeans - Zara, Shoes - Topshop, Jumper - H&M

As promised, a look at the items I've bought in London this week. These infamous trousers that took me several days to finally get have been cheering me up from the grisly weather. 

There will be a definite outfit post with these babies coming soon.

Today I'm lucky enough to get a look around Capital Fm and sit in on one of the shows, I'll let you know how it goes.

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following the herd

Shirt - Zara, Skirt, Boots - ASOS, Belt - H&M, Sunglasses - RayBan (boyfriend's)

Here's what I wore yesterday. Sorry about the repeat use of this road, but it's hard enough to get  my man to take photo's, let alone to move more than 2 meters away from his house to do so.

Had a right mare of a day trying to get a pair of trousers. I bought one pair the other day, then took them back the next day and exchanged them for a different pair, then decided I preferred the original ones, so today I had to travel to three different shopping spots in London just to track down said trousers. 

Anyway, you'll get a peak at what I bought soon enough.

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lfw outfit

Blazer, Clutch - H&M, Jeans - Zara, Tee - Forever 21, Shoes - Ted Baker, Necklace - Made by me.

Here's my outfit from tuesday at London Fashion Week, not the most practical for mooching around in the cold British winter. Cue cold wrists and cold toes.

I'm very proudly wearing the necklace I made recently, and I'll show it in a bit more detail later on in the week. I was over the moon when someone asked me where it was from and I could tell them it was my own creation.

Amongst the photos is one of me with Jess, a fellow blogger, who I met up with for the first time on the day. I've always thought I was quite an average size, but she makes me look almost midget-like. I swear I'm not that diddy, she's just very tall.

Peace out.

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lfw style #2

Have been lusting after these Zara heels for ages so couldn't resist trying them on later in Westfields shopping centre

Second batch of photographs from LFW on tuesday. You can check out what I wore tomorrow..

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lfw style #1

View from the Strand entrance

This guy pulls off neon pink better than most girls ever could.

Loving perspex heels at the moment.

Here are the first lot of photographs taken today at London Fashion Week, believe me there are loads more.

Had a great day freezing my butt off in the cold with the lovely Jess from Sparks and Fireworks.

I don't think I'm cut out for street style photography, I'm much too slow and timid to bombard passers by which is why some of these are action shots, but I hope it gives you an idea of the LFW scene.

Now I'm off to defrost my fingers and toes..

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monday morning

Shirt, Blouse - Zara, Skirt - H&M, Boots - Oasis, Bag - Fossil

Today's outfit is for a comfortable journey back to my lovely hometown in Essex. A much-needed day of catching up with my family and eating food that I can never usually afford, like M&S rhubarb crumble. Being a student can really suck balls sometimes.

Looking forward to heading down to the last day of London Fashion Week to take some style snaps of the stylish and famous, and meeting up with Jess from Sparks and Fireworks.

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give me sunshine

Jacket - Vintage, T Shirt, Shirt - Zara, Jeans - Topshop, Boots - ASOS

Finally an outfit post. This tee is a little bit bluer in real life, I was trying to add a bit of colour to an otherwise extremely grey day. Luckily a good dose of chinese takeaway helped.

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Sorry about the horrendous lack of posts this week, trust me that next week there will be so many photographs and posts you won't know what to do with yourself.
Heres a few random shots of this week:

Lock Stock + STYLE business cards for when I pop down to LFW and the weekender (what the hell, you never know).

A cuff I got from ebay on the cheap.

The beautiful flowers my man sent to me for Valentine's Day as we couldn't spend it together.

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