noughts and crosses

This innocent looking ring has caused me a lot of trouble to get hold of.. I posted way back in 'Wanted' that this ring had caught my eye and I decided to order it. Firstly, I was really tight and had it sent by their free delivery service so it took over a week, and secondly I wasn't there when it arrived. Therefore I had to trek miles, get several buses, get quite lost, and do a lot of walking to find the business park where the Royal Mail depo was.

So I eventually got it back home. Only thing is it that it's a rubbish fit. I ordered a large so that it would fit on my first or middle finger, but it appears they are way too fat for it. Now, I don't know if I'm wrong, but I wouldn't say I have extremely large fingers, so I was quite surprised that it was way too small. Clearly ASOS only cater for people with tiny fairy hands.  Anyone else had a similar problem or should I just start a hand diet and get lifting some finger weights..

Oh, and sorry about the ugly yellow bruise, cheerleading training was brutal on sunday! Rant over.


  1. I often have that annoying prob too! I mean, i don't think i have fat hands/fingers either and well nor do i have fairy hands.lol, but seriously!! whats up with small sized rings?!?

    so many times I've had to skip beautiful ones because this issue. :( . haha i actually once went online to figure out how one could only lose hand/finger weight! :P

  2. Oh rings hardly ever fit me, but it's the other way around, I have the skinniest fingers. It's so hard to find a rings that fit, so I got used to wearing them on my thumb.

    That ring is really pretty :) very elegant!


  3. Oh love your blog, following back! x

  4. Hey, I love your blog and I've featured you on my spotlight on post on my blog this week! Check it out on my blog :)

  5. very pretty.

    <3 xox come visit

  6. Lovely ring. I guess there was no point having the free delivery when you had to pay for the buses to get the ring eventually! found your blog via Rosie glow :) xx

  7. I have the same problem with rings, only mine is because I have REALLY tiny hands so most of the time I buy rings that have those adjustable things that you can bend so they'll fit nicely.

    I love that ring though, too bad it won't fit nicely. Also too bad that you had to trek all the way to find it :(

    About your comment on my blog, yup I did take those photos myself :) I'm of of those many wannabe aspiring photographer teens with huge dslrs around their necks.