practice makes perfect

Just practicing how to look like I know what I'm doing with my camera because I plan on taking lots of photos in a few weeks. 

Even though clearly I won't be allowed inside at London Fashion Week, I'll still be getting a piece of the action. Firstly I'm going to the weekender, so I'll hopefully see lots of great stalls and a few catwalk style presentations. And secondly, my reading week just so happens to have fallen on the week of fashion week, so as I'll already be in London spending time with my man, I thought I may as well try and head down to Somerset House and take a few style shots of the fashion elite who were actually invited..

Any of you guys lucky enough to get tickets?

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  1. Not lucky enough to have tickets, but when has that ever stopped a fashion student? A good tip to get in, make a press pass, if you have a camera it will be so much more convincing too!
    N. xox

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  3. you are beautiful. and your hair are pretty amazing!!!


  4. I hope you can take some nice shots!

    Following! x

  5. you will be able to get in sommerset house and see all the fab people in there cool outfits. There will be lots of people taking photos for blogs and stuff there anyways! Also people jsut go there to dress fab and pose all day!

    the exhibition hall and shows are closed unless you have a pass/tickets but it is worth printing off the show scedule so you know where to be at what time and catch the fashion eliete running to the shows (or getting out of expensive limos)! Beradi, House of Holland, Matthew Williamson etc will always have A-listers.

    Good luck wish i was coming!


  6. unfortunately i am not. great camera though ;)

  7. Nice blog! :)