the asos ss11 atelier collection

Here are some sneak peek images of the Atelier collection that ASOS is bringing out for ss11. The collection will arrive on the site mid-february/march.

How lovely is the feminine transparency in the first picture, combined with the sporty feel from the underwear. I'm not sure how wearable it would be, considering most of the general public wouldn't understand the visibility of your underwear, but the bag would do nicely.

As for the second outfit, it's cute, but I'm not really a t-shirt and pretty skirt kind of girl. And I know I couldn't get away with the shape of the trousers in the last outfit, but I do really love the blue combination, so I'll be trying that out. It all seems to be pretty pastels, very girly.

Lastly, those shoes... I can't get enough of that perspex heel. I think it will be hard for me not to buy them. Although I can't help thinking that the cream suede toe won't last 2 minutes.. I've never been very good at keeping my shoes in good condition, I really don't know how others manage it.


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  3. Great post! Although not my style the pants thing made me giggle :) I really liked seeing your room! i may have to tidy mine up and take some snaps!

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