Here's what I've been spending my student loan on..

The dress consists of a ribbed knit dress, with a racer back and really low cut neckline and armholes. Then there's a cropped long sleeve top made of the same material, linked into it.
It's a real drama to get on, but the end result means that everything is covered, except your sides, which are exposed where the top ends and the dress begins a little lower down. Sounds horrible? Don't worry, it doesn't look as bad as it sounds. I liked that it was quite unusual, it's not an area that gets much show, and because the rest of me is covered up it doesn't look too trashy.
It also reminded me of things I've seen Rumi Neely wear (fashiontoast).

And a biker style skirt. The pocket panels are imitation leather which is more noticeable than in this photo.

These were bought after I'd already told myself that I shouldn't be buying any more black.. looks like I'm failing that already.


  1. Love the racer back dress and shortened sweater look. Great purchase!

  2. i like that dress. kind of Preen vibe.

  3. cheers guys, it'll probably still be in store! x

  4. Love both of these! Nice blog :)

  5. HI! Thanks for the comment on ym blog, i will definitely be following yours! So much of the stuff you write about yourself SOUNDS LIKE ME!!

    That H&M dress i fought tooth and nail to hunt down and LOVED IT, on the hanger, off the hanger and was 2 seconds away from getting it. I then looked down at my shopping bags and realised EVERYTHING i had bought that day was black. Black. BLACK AND MORE BLACK! So i walked away.

    Needless to say.... i regret it. :(

  6. Tell me about it, I still can't stop thinking that black things looks nice, however now that the block colour trend for spring is coming, I've had my eye a little bit more on some brighter things. Black is just such a fail-safe option.

  7. I like the dress, where did u get it?