a little something I made earlier

Today I've been doing a little d.i.y. styling...

I got this vintage cashmere knit jumper, and then got the pyramid studs from eBay, with this idea in mind.

I've had to two components for ages, but didn't get round to doing it until today.
Although it was a little bit trickier to get the studs in the right place, I would recommend putting these on anything just because they are so cheap, but look great. 
Overall I'm quite pleased with the result. It definitely doesn't look professional, because some of them are a little wonky, but I'm telling myself that it adds to the charm. I would also have liked to add more for a more dramatic effect, but I ran out of studs...

Note: stepping on upside down studs in bare feet is not fun, they will stick right into the soles of your feet and make you bleed quite a bit. Lesson learnt!


  1. this is lovely, do you have the link to the studs? I got a grey cashmere sweater and would love to jazz it up :)

    London Girl Up North

  2. so clever !!! i think i might have to try that !
    i would love you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  3. That's cool, you're talented !!!

  4. thanks guys, I would definitely recommend giving it a go.
    if you head over to ebay and just search for pyramid studs loads will come up in different sizes.
    if you give it a go and put it on your blog it would be great if I could get a mention for inspiring you!

    and if you like my blog please follow! xx

  5. Nicely done. I think I will take your rec and give it a go, so cute! & if i do i will credit you of course.

    xo, Christina


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! What an awesome idea about doing your own DIY embellishment and so much cheaper too! I'll have to try it. Yep, I'm now following you :) x

  7. well done that looks awesome!