changing rooms

Top, Jeans - Topshop, Knuckle Ring, Boots - ASOS, Coat - Vintage

Just a quick outfit post of what I wore on a day of shopping, university and handing out CV's. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, really need to save up for a fancy camera. 
I managed to score this vintage coat for a FIVER! I love finding a fashion bargain.


  1. Wow you got that coat for a fiver! Good find! I really like your ring too where is it from?

    Sparks and Fireworks

  2. eBay!
    you have to hunt for ages and be quite patient, but sometimes you can get some great things.

    The big knuckle ring is from asos, bought it quite recently so it should still be on the site.

    Thanks for checking out my blog btw, I'd love some followers. I'll check out yours too now.

    katie x