green army

Khaki Shirt - Topshop, Leggings - eBay, Wedge Boots - ASOS

Unfortunately the English weather today has been absolutely grim, so the only place I could find with enough light was in the unfurnished top-floor of my Dad's shop. Although one good thing about it being warm enough to rain, is that it's also warm enough to go out without a big winter coat. Handy, seeing as I couldn't actually find a coat/jacket to go with this outfit. What colours actually go with khaki? Help me out here guys.. 

As you can guess, this is my first post. I've wanted to start this blog for a long time but only just got round to it, so it's very new. 
I'll be very grateful for any comments or followers! Hope you like what I'm doing..

Katie x


  1. Hi, Just started reading your blog and really like its simple and classic style. Btw, you look so much like Blake Lively.....v.pretty! :)

  2. wow, huge compliment! thank you very much